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Gallery: Split Turnings


A split turning is made of 2 or more pieces of wood glued together and strapping tape is used on each end to keep the wood together, thus, creating one piece of wood. This glued up piece is then placed between the centers of the lathe and turned. The pieces are then split apart and rotated and then glued together again and turned. This allows one to turn multiples and to turn larger pieces of wood, since split turnings are balanced. Inside out turnings are split turnings that are then glued together to make an object.



The image above shows four squared of wood that have been turned on all four sides. I use hot glue to secure the four pieces together and then use strapping tape to wrap around each end. I have found that using a clear plastic square with a hole drilled in the middle helps keep the pieces together. This plastic is hot glued to the top of each piece of the wood. And hot glue has been used to secure to four prong drive in the headstock.

Candle Holders, Split Turnings

June 2011


new candle holders 4

New Split turnings, 21" T , June 2010

new candles 2



candles facing 2


These Holly Candleholders were made in November of 2009. They are 21" tall. It took me a month to figure out how to make these again! They are split turnings that are finished on 2 different axes.



cherry goblet and candle holders

These were made in 2009 and were finished on the center axis of each spindle.

Ash Trio

Some of the earlier experiments with split turnings.